Too Much Screen Time?

Recently, I’ve heard the same story from students, parents, and teachers: too much screen time is affecting children and teens. Since online school became the norm, students have spent the majority of their days in front of computer screens.

Should parents be worried?


All of this screen time has many parents worried. Studies show that too much screen time is detrimental to the health of children and teens. An article in KidsHealth confirms:


“As kids get older, too much screen time can interfere with activities like being

physically active, doing homework, playing with friends, and spending time with



“Too much screen time can contribute to obesity, attention problems, sleep

disorders, and problems at school.”


In Greater Good Magazine, Christine Carter writes that “that the more time kids spend online and on their devices, the less time they tend to spend interacting with their peers (or adults, for that matter) in face-to-face encounters.”


So all that digital connectivity actually contributes to teens feeling alone and left out. Screen time, while necessary for research and educational activity, should not replace other important activities.


Your teen deserves a break!


At Girls’ Voices Matter, we’re working on a Summer Program scheduled for July 2021. Options for teaching are based on our local coronavirus status, and the availability of vaccines. Parents can choose between the following:


  • In person, with social distancing, masking, and frequent hand sanitizing in place
  • A hybrid course, with students attending part-time and participating in the remaining lessons through Zoom
  • An online course, with no in-person classes


The price will remain the same for all three options: $65 per class, with five classes given per week. The classes are focused on book arts:


  • Collage
  • Book arts: handmade books, folding books, altered books, art journals
  • Flipbooks: animated books using light-tracing
  • Zines: each student contributes to eon-of-a-kind, collaborative art project


More details about these classes and how to sign your daughter up coming soon!


Hands-on art activities


Here’s a list of hands-on activities for teen girls to engage in during the upcoming Spring Break. The links are to previous blog posts on the topic.



  • How can you improve your neighborhood?
  • What’s an issue people in your community face?
  • “Pay it forward:” help someone on your street





  • Study the work of an artist you admire
  • Make your own puzzle
  • Make collages from newspaper cutouts
  • If you play a musical instrument, learn a new piece





  • Write a memoir of your life
  • Write a poem every day of the month
  • Make an illustrated journal



  • Commit to a fitness routine
  • Try something new: yoga, Pilates, jogging



  • Take a nap
  • Talk to a friend
  • Play with your pet
  • Stretch
  • Take a walk
  • Write in your journal



  • Try a new recipe
  • Bake a cake from scratch
  • Explore ethnic cooking: for example, Indian, Mexican, Italian



  • Create a garden plan for Spring
  • Research what plants grow well in your area
  • Try rooting leaf cuttings


We continue to expand our Coronavirus Creativity Guide, which includes video and photography activities.


Please share a screen-free activity in the comments!



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