Summer Arts Program for 2021

In February, I announced that Girls’ Voices Matter got its own space at the Galleria at the Smith in Eugene. Since then, I’ve been working on creating a safe, creative Summer Arts Program for 2021.

We’re still planning to offer our live, online courses: Feminist Media, Gaming for Girls, Flash Memoir, and Digital Storytelling. We also have two new courses in this category: Women in Animation and Women in Comedy. However, many parents and teachers have expressed concern about students spending too much time in front of screens. (I wrote about this in “Too Much Screen Time?”).

As a result, I’ve added Hands-on Art Workshops to our summer arts program for 2021. These workshops have three options: in-person, hybrid, and online. The online option is for parents who are still more comfortable with distance learning. It’s also an option for students who are outside the Eugene area.

Our Summer Arts Program for 2021 consists of the following categories:

  • Hands-on Art Workshops
    • Learning options: in-person, hybrid and online
    • NOTE: not all workshops have all options
  • Live, online Classes
  • Self-paced Video Courses

Most Important: Safety

NOTE: These guidelines refer to the in-person and hybrid options.

  • Vaccination: All Girls’ Voices Matter staff teaching in-person classes are fully vaccinated.
  • Tests. Recent Covid-19 tests are required in order to participate. The test results must be negative.
  • Social Distancing: I have carefully measured the space needed to socially distance students. That number is no more than four students at a time. Each student will work at her own table, six feet from the other students. The instructor will make sure that students maintain that distance at all times.
  • Masks: All students and their instructor will wear a mask during class.
  • Hand sanitizer: All students and their instructor will use hand sanitizer frequently during class.
  • Ventilation: The Galleria is a large building with a high ceiling. I will also run fans in the classroom space.
  • Materials: Each student will have her own area to store supplies and tools. There will be no sharing of these items during class. All tools will be sanitized before and after class.


How can students explore their creativity while staying safe? I’ve designed the Hands-on Art Workshops with those criteria in mind. The classes are Collage, Flip Books, Book Arts, Zines, and Make a Film in a Week. Each student will have her own self-contained materials and tools. She’ll be given her materials and tools at the beginning of class. At the end of each class, students will store them in their own specific locations.

For example, “Flip Books” requires a tracing board for each student, binder clips, pens, and binder clips. Each student’s tracing board will be labeled and stored with the other materials in her area, separate from the other students.

Another class, “Collage,” involves cutting and pasting images and words from magazines, newspapers, collage-printed paper, old postcards, etc. Each student will have her own supply of these materials, which she will not share with other students. If a student expresses interest in another students’ materials, the instructor will provide similar materials at the next class.


About the Classes

Hands-on Art Workshops are 1 hour long, 5 days a week for 1 week. For the in-person and hybrid options, no more than 4 students can attend at a time. For the online option, up to 8 students can attend via Zoom.

Classes will run during the week of July 12-16.

Make a Film in a Week sessions are 2 hours long, 5 days a week for 1 week. The course runs the week of July 19-23.

Live, Online Classes are 1 hour long. They will run during the week of July 26-30.

Self-paced Video Courses consist of several lessons for a total of 1-2 hours. Students can take the courses when they choose.

Registration information, discounts, and prices coming soon

Early-bird registration is coming in April!!

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