Summer 2021 Programs: FAQs

Summer 2021 Programs: FAQs

These Summer 2021 Programs: FAQs are meant to address any questions you might have before signing up. If you still have questions, please contact us.

A Variety of Programs

We’re pleased to offer a variety of creative, enriching programs for the upcoming summer. For example, making a film in a week, book arts and discovering the women who pioneered animation. We’ve designed our programs to delight and inspire!

Learning Options

This year, our classes fall into the following categories: in-person (with pandemic protocols strictly enforced), hybrid(in-person part-time and remote) live online (live, virtual class via Zoom), and self-paced, video classes.

Our curriculum focuses on four different areas: Hands-on Art, Feminist Media, Video Arts, Storytelling, and Self-paced video classes. You can choose classes from different tracks OR classes within the same track.


Q: Are you open for registration?

A: Yes! If you register by May 15, you will receive an early bird discount of 15% off!


Q: Where do I register my daughter for Girls’ Voices Matter’s Summer 2021 Programs?

A: Please follow this link.


Q: Explain your different options.

A: Online classes occur at our location: 768 E 13th Ave., Eugene OR 97401. Hybrid classes occur partly at our Eugene location and partly remotely via Zoom. Live online classes occur remotely via Zoom, and self-paced video classes are available to take via your computer.


Q: How are you maintaining Covid-19 safety protocols for your in-person classes?

A: All students must have a recent (within two weeks of classes starting) negative Covid-19 test OR proof of vaccine. Students must wear masks and sit six feet apart. No more than four students at a time will attend in-person. All Girls’ Voices Matter staff is fully vaccinated.


Q: What art supplies will my daughter need?

A: For the Hands-on Art classes, in-person and hybrid options, all art supplies are provided. For the Hands-on Art classes, on-line option, we have an art supply list. Make a Film in a Week (in-person only), all supplies are provided. For Digital Storytelling (live online only), students will need a camera, computer and iMovie editing software.


Q: Where is the schedule for your classes?

A: Our calendar is here.


Q: What is your cancellation and refund policy?

A: Fees are refundable if requested by June 1, 2021. There’s a $35 processing fee for all refunds.


Q: I still have a question.

A: Contact us here.


Thank you!


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