Self-paced Video Classes

Self-paced Video Classes

We’re pleased to offer three outstanding, self-paced video classes. We’ve developed these classes to meet the needs of students who want to learn at their own pace.

Our classes focus on Film Aesthetics, Women Filmmakers, and Digital Photography. They include questions the viewer can ask herself in order to more fully engage with the material. For example, in Women Filmmakers of the Pacific Northwest, we learn why it’s important to promote and celebrate female filmmakers. In Elements of Film Aesthetics, the student will discover why the opening shot of a film is so important. And in Digital Photography, we briefly cover the importance of women in the development of photography.

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Elements of Film Aesthetics

Using examples from the rich history of film, Dr. Claire Graman covers the elements of film aesthetics in this entertaining, enjoyable course. Students will learn why lighting is the most important element to any film, as well as the importance of blocking. As a result of taking the course, they’ll learn about the evolution of film editing, the first “color” film, and whether there was ever a truly silent film.

Dr. Graman has summarized this amazing wealth of knowledge into four, easy-to-comprehend lessons. There’s also a fifth video, a coda to the series, that demonstrates the use of film aesthetics.

Women Filmmakers of the Pacific Northwest

This class introduces the work of some amazing female filmmakers. These women make their films in Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia. The work of these groundbreaking filmmakers has not reached as wide an audience as it should have. As a result of watching this presentation, students will discover and appreciate the work of filmmakers who deserve more exposure.

Digital Photography 101

This entry-level workshop will take you through the basics of easy-to-access digital photography. Students will learn many simple and enjoyable photography techniques. For example, they’ll find out how to make interesting backgrounds to enhance their photos with things they already have on hand. As a result of taking the course, they’ll discover the amazing history of photography, including women’s many important contributions to the art form.

First of all, we’ll go over the history of photography, from camera obscura to the first instant camera. Then, we’ll look at basic concepts such as exposure, metering, depth of field, and zoom. We’ll take our cameras outside and learn about landscapes, light, and negative space. We’ll also take pictures of people, who are the most popular subject for photography.

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