Digital Photography 101


Digital Photography 101

This entry-level workshop will take you through the basics of easy-to-access photography. Students will learn fun photography techniques, how to make interesting backgrounds, and some simple DIY projects to enhance their photos.

The course consists of five video lessons:

Lesson 1: Introduction to digital photography: includes learning about the camera, history of photography, famous women photographers, and a lesson in how to take a great selfie.

Lesson 2: Basic concepts in photography: In this lesson, we’ll learn about the importance of exposure, metering, and depth of field, to zoom or not to zoom, and framing. DIY project: how to make your own light reflector with aluminum foil.

Lesson 3: We’re going outside for this lesson. We’ll look at how to photograph distant objects, moving objects, and flowers (with a magnifying glass for a cool effect). Then we’ll see how negative space affects our photos. DIY project: how to make a light-diffuser for outdoor photography.

Lesson 4: Taking pictures of people. People are the most popular subject for photography. First we’ll learn about how light and background make a photo work. Then we’ll look at how to compose a portrait, and how to get a good expression from your subject. DIY project: make your own glitter effect using aluminum foil (you’ll need a helper to take the photo).

Lesson 5: Explore and enhance your creativity. Try new things, break the rules, and challenge yourself in the fascinating field of photography.


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