Online courses for teen girls

Online Courses for Teen Girls

Online Courses for Teen Girls

We’ve designed our online courses to help teen girls explore their creativity and engage in activities that are fun, challenging, and will teach them lifelong skills.

Courses run every day from July 20-24,10:00 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. View the complete schedule here.

Suggested Courses Based on Your Daughter’s Interests

Is your daughter interested in learning more about popular culture’s use of media to promote unrealistic portrayals of women? Feminist Media: Critique and Analysis will help her understand media through a feminist lens. From literature to anime, she will learn to think critically about the media she consumes.

Does she want to create her own short videos? Digital Storytelling: Image and Voice introduces students to the principles of filmmaking. Using images, text and voice, students create their own short, personal videos.

If your daughter enjoys writing about her life, sign up for Flash Memoir: Writing From the Heart. She’ll  refine that writing into short, intense personal stories.

Gaming For Girls: Creativity and Critique is perfect for the girl who wants to know more about rich history of women in video game history. She’ll also learn how to program her own game using Scratch. 

If your daughter wants to take all four courses, we offer a 15% discount.

Course Details and Security

All four courses run five days, one hour per day. View the complete schedule here. We will use Zoom as our platform, with passwords and a waiting room for security. Only registered students will be allowed into the waiting room.

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