Women Filmmakers of Asia/Pacific

Asian/Pacific American Heritage Films

May is Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month. The past year has been a historic one in the fight for racial justice, but that history is long and complex. The horrifying attacks in Atlanta, in particular, bring to light the intersection of racism and misogyny. But we can combat this hate by educating ourselves and celebrating the …

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Six Amazing Female Indian Directors You Should Know

By Claire Graman Today, we’re celebrating the work of six amazing female Indian directors. Indian cinema, often called Bollywood, although the country contains more “‘woods”, is incredibly prolific, profitable, and popular around the world… except in the U.S., where it we don’t often see it. And, like Hollywood, the Indian film industry also struggles with …

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Women Directors of South Korean Cinema

Women Directors of South Korean Cinema: Fierce and Fearless By Claire Graman Parasite’s historical win for Best Picture at last year’s Academy Awards helped Korean film break through “the one-inch tall barrier of subtitles.” Male directors Bong Joon-Ho (Snowpiercer, Okja) and Park Chan-wook (Oldboy, The Handmaiden) are especially well-known, but what about South Korea’s female …

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A Profile of Niki Caro

Whale Rider to Mulan – A Profile of Niki Caro New Zealand-born Niki Caro caught the world’s attention in 2002 with her first major film, Whale Rider. The film tells the story of a Maori girl who defies her grandfather in her quest to become the next leader of her village, a role traditionally reserved …

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Chloe Zhao – A Profile

Chloe Zhao – A Profile By Claire Graman I have a dark secret I never discuss in polite company: I don’t like superhero films. However, I’m looking forward to Marvel’s upcoming film Eternals, and it’s all because of its amazing director: Chloe Zhao. Chloe Zhao (Zhao Ting), born in Beijing, China in 1982, attended high …

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Takuzo Sakane, Japanese woman filmmaker

Japanese Filmmaker Tazuko Sakane

  A Profile of Japanese Filmmaker Tazuko Sakane By Claire Graman I love Japanese film, from Akira Kurosawa’s samurai dramas to Satoshi Kon’s mind-bending anime. One of the earliest Japanese films, A Page of Madness (1926), a silent film with no intertitles, blew my mind when I saw it in college. Even cult classics like …

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