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At Girls’ Voices Matter, our core values reflect our beliefs in the potential of every girl. We celebrate and respect teen girls. We understand their need for acceptance and their growing independence. Every teen girl needs encouragement to take on new challenges, handle stress, set goals, and develop a healthy sense of self. CORE VALUES: Teamwork. …

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Girls’ Voices Matter is the daughter of Media Poetry Studio, an arts-based educational program for teen girls that started in 2014. Here’s the story of how Media Poetry Studio came to be: In the Spring of 2014, California Bay Area Poets Laureate Erica Goss, Jennifer Swanton Brown and David Perez had an epiphany while discussing their plans …

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creating a supportive community for girls

Creating A Supportive Community For Girls

At Girls’ Voices Matter, our goal is creating a supportive community for girls. We listen to them. We help them access their creativity. These are our future teachers, doctors, poets, and filmmakers. What are their dreams, hopes, fears and ambitions? How do they see the world? Our tagline, “We believe in girls,” illustrates our commitment …

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