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Blog Feature at Miss Independent!


It’s an honor to be the blog feature at  Miss Independent! Read about the origins of Girls’ Voices Matter, why the program is just for girls, and how we can address the lack of women all aspects of film, from directing to acting to cinematography.

Much more at Miss Independent

While you’re there, read about the many inspirational women profiled at the site. I especially enjoyed this poignant account of the author’s visit to The House of Anne Frank in Amsterdam. 

Thank you to Bridget Gorham, aka Miss Independent, for featuring Girls’ Voices Matter.

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the corona virus outbreak
Announcements, Coronavirus Creativity Guide, FAQs

The Corona Virus Outbreak: Here’s What We’re Doing

We are happy to announce our first online class, Digital Photography 101! This is a FREE beginning-intermediate, 5-lesson video class.

Because of the corona virus outbreak, we’re bringing quality online content to our community.

Keeping safe

UPDATE: Our online courses are now available! You can view them and sign up here.

Keeping busy

We’ve compiled a list of online photography and video resources for students and parents (see below).

At our Instagram page, we’re sharing a creative idea for video and photography every Wednesday, and on Fridays, we’ve started “Did You Know,” a series of interesting and little-known facts about women in film.

At Facebook, we share inspiring stories about the accomplishments of women and girls.

The online version of our presentation, “Women Filmmakers of the Pacific Northwest,” is available for viewing.

We hope to have a YouTube channel up soon with video instruction.

Download 5 Ways Storytelling Empowers Teen Girls.


Frequently Asked Questions

Almah_Shoot 2Parents deciding on a summer enrichment activity for their teen girls naturally have many questions. Below, I have listed answers to the most common questions I’ve received about Girls’ Voices Matter.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What will my daughter learn?

A: She will engage in creative writing, storyboarding, video production, setting up scenes, set design, directing, filming, videography, editing, special effects, and animation.

Q: What is the student-teacher ratio?

A: We accept a maximum of 16 students, or 8 students per teacher.

Q: Your camp seems expensive. Why is it priced at $250?

A: Our camp consists of four, six-hour days. That’s twenty-four hours of high-quality instruction in a supportive, small-class setting at less than eleven dollars per hour. Considering what our students learn, it’s a bargain!

Q: Is this a new camp? Have you run this camp in the past?

A: Girl’s Voices Matter started in 2018. I co-ran two similar camps in the California Bay Area, in 2015 and 2016. For more information on those camps, please visit Media Poetry Studio’s website.

Q: During the summer, I’d like my daughter to spend some time outdoors. Your camp seems mostly indoors.

A: We will spend approximately ¼ of our time outdoors. The instructor’s home has a large backyard and garden, perfect for writing and filming lessons.

Q: What will my daughter have to show for her time at your camp?

A: Your daughter will have several short videos she made herself. She will have had the experience of working in a small, supportive group, of increased self-esteem, and the feeling of empowerment that comes from learning and working in a team-oriented environment.

Download 5 Ways Storytelling Empowers Teen Girls.