Ten Media-Arts Activities for Teen Girls
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Ten Media-Arts Activities for Teen Girls

Ten Media-Arts Activities for Teen Girls

90% of the world’s schools are closed in efforts to slow the spread of coronavirus.

Social distancing and isolation are very difficult for teens. As Janine Defao writes in Bay Area Parent, “During adolescence, it’s their developmental job to individuate from us. They’re trying to grow their autonomy and sense of freedom. Being trapped at home with their parents makes them feel infantilized.”

Simple and Fun Arts Activities 

At Girls’ Voices Matter, we created a list of 10 media-arts activities to help teen girls use this enforced at-home time creatively.

  1. Start a visual diary: every day, take a photo and write a few sentences about the photo.
  • Bonus idea: print the photographs and paste them into a journal. Date each entry and write about your day.
  1. Film interviews where you ask family members about their childhoods. Add still shots of photographs and narration.
  2. Movie reviews: watch several movies by the same director. Write short reviews about the movies.
  • Bonus idea: film yourself reading your review. Add sound effects and special effects using film-editing software such as iMovie or Adobe Premiere Pro.
  1. Make a quarantine time capsule. Add photographs, notes, and newspaper articles. Write a date several years into the future and don’t open it until then. You could also make lists of how the family spent its time during the coronavirus.
  2. Try out some of the video games we evaluated starring strong girls and women.
  3. Make a cooking video: film yourself putting together your favorite recipe. At the end, film yourself and family members enjoying the food you made.
  4. Make a poetry video: take photos or video and add your own words to create a short video.
  5. Take a virtual tour of a museum. The British Museum, The Guggenheim, and The National Gallery of Art in Washington DC have all put collections online during the pandemic. Here’s a list of twelve museums with online collections.
  6. Sign up for Ted Talks for Teens, which offers a large variety of educational videos, including the arts, health and literature.
  7. If you have a dog or a cat, make a “talking pet” video. Here’s a how-to with some sample videos.

We love your suggestions!

If you’d like to suggest a media-arts activity, please add it in the comments below.

Online Courses

Girls’ Voices Matters offers 4 Online Courses for Teen Girls: Digital Storytelling, Feminist Media, Flash Memoir, and Gaming for Girls.




Online courses for teen girls
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Online Courses for Teen Girls

Girl running up stairs

Online Courses for Teen Girls

We’ve designed our online courses to help teen girls explore their creativity and engage in activities that are fun, challenging, and will teach them lifelong skills.

Courses run every day from July 20-24,10:00 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. View the complete schedule here.

Suggested Courses Based on Your Daughter’s Interests

Is your daughter interested in learning more about popular culture’s use of media to promote unrealistic portrayals of women? Feminist Media: Critique and Analysis will help her understand media through a feminist lens. From literature to anime, she will learn to think critically about the media she consumes.

Does she want to create her own short videos? Digital Storytelling: Image and Voice introduces students to the principles of filmmaking. Using images, text and voice, students create their own short, personal videos.

If your daughter enjoys writing about her life, sign up for Flash Memoir: Writing From the Heart. She’ll  refine that writing into short, intense personal stories.

Gaming For Girls: Creativity and Critique is perfect for the girl who wants to know more about rich history of women in video game history. She’ll also learn how to program her own game using Scratch. 

If your daughter wants to take all four courses, we offer a 15% discount.

Course Details and Security

All four courses run five days, one hour per day. View the complete schedule here. We will use Zoom as our platform, with passwords and a waiting room for security. Only registered students will be allowed into the waiting room.

Other Resources

Girls’ Voices Matter is pleased to offer two free programs!

Contact us!

Download 5 Ways Storytelling Empowers Teen Girls.

women filmmakers of the pacific northwest
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Women Filmmakers of the Pacific Northwest

We started planning for Women’s History Month 2020 in September 2019: researching our presentation, “Women Filmmakers of the Pacific Northwest,” grant-writing, marketing, contacting schools, libraries and public places, and rehearsing. By February we had our schedule set up to show WFPNW at nine locations in and around Lane County.

We made it to five. In mid-March, the coronavirus triggered a statewide shutdown. For the sake of public safety, we cancelled our remaining dates.

Since then, we’ve been working on an online version, and I’m happy to announce that “Women Filmmakers of the Pacific Northwest” is now available for viewing. Big thanks go to Claire Graman, who researched, created and narrated the presentation.

Download 5 Ways Storytelling Empowers Teen Girls.

the corona virus outbreak
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The Corona Virus Outbreak: Here’s What We’re Doing

We are happy to announce our first online class, Digital Photography 101! This is a FREE beginning-intermediate, 5-lesson video class.

Because of the corona virus outbreak, we’re bringing quality online content to our community.

Keeping safe

UPDATE: Our online courses are now available! You can view them and sign up here.

Keeping busy

We’ve compiled a list of online photography and video resources for students and parents (see below).

At our Instagram page, we’re sharing a creative idea for video and photography every Wednesday, and on Fridays, we’ve started “Did You Know,” a series of interesting and little-known facts about women in film.

At Facebook, we share inspiring stories about the accomplishments of women and girls.

The online version of our presentation, “Women Filmmakers of the Pacific Northwest,” is available for viewing.

We hope to have a YouTube channel up soon with video instruction.

Download 5 Ways Storytelling Empowers Teen Girls.