the corona virus outbreak
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The Corona Virus Outbreak: Here’s What We’re Doing

We are happy to announce our first online class, Digital Photography 101! This is a FREE beginning-intermediate, 5-lesson video class.

Because of the corona virus outbreak, we’re bringing quality online content to our community.

Keeping safe

UPDATE: Our online courses are now available! You can view them and sign up here.

Keeping busy

We’ve compiled a list of online photography and video resources for students and parents (see below).

At our Instagram page, we’re sharing a creative idea for video and photography every Wednesday, and on Fridays, we’ve started “Did You Know,” a series of interesting and little-known facts about women in film.

At Facebook, we share inspiring stories about the accomplishments of women and girls.

The online version of our presentation, “Women Filmmakers of the Pacific Northwest,” is available for viewing.

We hope to have a YouTube channel up soon with video instruction.

Download 5 Ways Storytelling Empowers Teen Girls.

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