Hi! In this post, I’ll share the first week’s lesson plan for Digital Storytelling of the Pacific Northwest’s Fall Workshop, and help explain our girls-only focus.

In every workshop:

  • 5-minute freewrite. Students write on daily topic.
  • Discussion regarding writing.
  • Instruction on an aspect of movie-making.
  • Time to experiment and work on projects.

Week 1, 9/25/18

  • Which stories do you want to tell? Some possibilities:
    • How-to: show us how to make something
    • Interview: interview yourself or someone else
    • Poetry: write a poem and use it as the text for a video
    • Story: use a story from your life or one you make up as the basis for a video
  • Video Skills.
    • Intro to filming using the Lumix GH4 and G7 cameras
      • Basic camera skills
      • Lighting, ISO, shutter speed, aperture setting
      • Tripods vs. monopods
      • Downloading video to hard drive

Digital Storytelling of the Pacific Northwest is designed as a girls-only workshop. We want our female students to be center stage, without gender-based competition. Studies show that girls tend to shy away from technology in middle school, just as boys are gaining mastery: “many girls’ interest in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math wanes as they get older because of socialization and lack of exposure and access.”

We have to teach girls that technology can offer them a lot and it’s not very hard to use—they’re using it all the time. At Digital Storytelling of the Pacific Northwest, we teach them to create art that they can be really proud of.


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