12 Weeks Until the Beginning of Camp!


In twelve weeks Digital Storytelling of the Pacific Northwest will open its doors for summer camp! Camp will take place at St. Mary’s Church in downtown Eugene, Oregon. adult-beautiful-black-and-white-302355We have two rooms for our workshops: one is our classroom and the other is our lab. The rooms are across the hall from each other for easy transitions between activities.

Right now, we’re working on getting the word out about our camp. On March 2nd, we mailed over six hundred postcards to local schools. We’re also posting them in various locations around Eugene and Springfield.

We also share content about the importance of all-girls’ education, girls and technology, and creative art opportunities for girls at our Facebook page.

We’re creating lesson plans for our workshops that will teach students how to use technology (cameras, iPads, editing software) to make beautiful, individual short videos.

In the coming weeks, I will be sharing lots of information with you about the camp: our mission, guiding principles, history, bios, lesson plans, and much more.

Enrollment is open.

Stay tuned!



Erica Goss

Founder and Director, Digital Storytelling of the Pacific Northwest

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