Digital Storytelling of the Pacific Northwest

Tuition for Fall Workshop

The Digital Storytelling Fall Workshop is $150 per student. The workshop will be held at Emerald Art Center in Springfield, Oregon. Dates: 9/25/18, 10/2/18, 10/9/18, 10/16/18, 10/23/18, and 10/30/18. Time: 7:00-8:30 pm. The workshop is open to teen girls ages 11-17.


Digital Storytelling of the Pacific Northwest is an arts-based education program that teaches teen girls how to make their own short, personal narratives using creative writing and video. We are located in Eugene, Oregon.

Workshop for Teen Girls

Our teen girls’ workshop empowers young women to find their voices though filmmaking and literary art. During the workshop, each student writes, films, edits and produces several short films.

Why a Workshop Just For Girls? 

We live in a world where media and mass culture constantly bombard teen girls with messages about how they should look, behave, and think. Our workshop is a safe, supportive community for girls to experiment with creative writing and technology. We give students the opportunity to tell their stories and show us what they think and feel.

Our Guiding Principles

  • TEAMWORK: We teach technological and artistic skills in a team-oriented atmosphere that encourages communication and cooperation.
  • SMALL CLASSES: Class sizes are limited to eight students, so teachers can give focused one-on-one instruction.
  • CONVENIENT LOCATION: The Fall workshop meets at the Emerald Art Center, 500 Main Street, Springfield, OR 97477.
  • SKILLS-BASED: Students learn the following skills:
    • Creative writing
    • Storyboarding
    • Video Production:
      • Setting up scenes
      • Set design
      • Directing
      • Filming
    • Videography
    • Editing
    • Special effects
    • Animation

Contact: Send an email to Erica Goss, DS Director, if you have any questions.

5 thoughts on “Digital Storytelling of the Pacific Northwest

  1. Michelle says:

    My daughter’s interested in this workshop but it conflicts a few days we’ll be traveling. Is there another session later in the summer?


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